Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I have a confession...
sometimes I let my kid be sneaky.. 
like when I tell him he can't have a toy in bed.. 
but then I spy it under the covers... 

I get my parent voice on and take it away.. 
but sometimes.. 
I pretend not to see it.

He has such satisfaction, 
that I didn't find it.. 
that he got away with something.. 

I really don't know what I am fostering here.. 
maybe a future kleptomaniac.. 
that will be fun.. 

But in a way.. 
I feel like I am giving him some independence.. 
to have a little secret
all his own.. 
an accomplishment..
even if sneaky and against the rules.. 

He must think I'm inept.. 
unable to see the toy clearly in his bed.. 
but I advert my eyes as he quickly covers it up.. 
and turns to sleep.. 
our little sneaky game.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Need: Pantry Organization!

I can't stop looking at beautiful organized kitchens in magazines...
beautiful containers adorning the pantry...
instead of what I have adapted.. 
which is random boxes thrown into the cabinet..
millions of different colors, sizes,
and just much disarray...

So now I just need to decide... 
what jars to begin my organizing process with.. 
because every good project begins with
buying something pretty!

I kinda love these Weck canning jars from Crate and Barrel.. 
great price and great shipping price too!
(picture from crate and barrel)

And then there are these from the Container store.. 
(picture from the container store)

I know.. 
so similar.. 
but then a little different.. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When I found that I was having another boy.. 
I wasn't sure how I was feeling.. 
was I disappointed at not having a girl.. 
no pink dresses for me.. 
more mud and dirt and bugs.. 
but maybe I kinda like that... 

but I do know now that I am not disappointed.. 
far from it.. 
for I have entered a magical world of the brotherhood.. 
it is emerging slowly.. 
with jealous inclinations.. 
establishments of what is "mine"

but we are reaching moments... 
moments of absolute bliss
where two brothers lay side by side in a bed.. 
and look into each other's eyes with something I had never seen before.. 

we have entered into brotherhood.. 
I look forward to these growing moments.. 
even the growing pains 
that are to come.. 
 for now.. 
we are a house where brothers are made.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At a Loss...

Five months yesterday... 
and my hair is still falling out.. 
not in the shocking handfuls as before.. 
but still.. 
drain clogging..
floor covering..

I feel robbed...
I move my hair different directions...
to cover.. 
to hid.. 
the light skin showing through..

I want to reclaim my body.. 
in small manageable ways.. 
if only I could keep my hair on my head.. 
from falling so carelessly...
marking my path like bread crumbs.. 
haunting me so...

Even still every strand I wouldn't trade...
every moment I wouldn't return..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Things I love... Baby Wash..

Although I do love me some regular Johnson and Johnson.. 
I was looking for something a bit different..
organic maybe..
delicious smelling, a must..
and when looking for a new shaving set
for my hubby for Valentine's...
I found this baby wash
from Flying bird botanicals..
baby bird head-to-toe wash...100% organic baby wash and shampoo
(picture from flyingbirdbotanicals)

I love it..
it smells super yummy..
is so silky and soft..
and leaves my baby's skin so luscious..
almost edible..

I definitely plan on buying more..
and maybe even trying the baby oil..
(perhaps some rosewater toner for me!)

Monday, March 5, 2012


It's a whirlwind of chaos... 
The walls of the house are closing in on us.. 
and it's making us crazy...
angry voices at each other.. 
how did the house get so small so fast.. 
why are there toys everywhere... 

In my anger and frustration.. 
I always think.. 
if this was it .. 
this moment was the end.. 
would I regret how I was acting... 
the words I was saying.. 
usually, if I think this the answer is 'yes'... 
Isn't it okay to be angry for a moment.. 
and frustrated for a second..
I always feel so guilty.. 

but really.. 
we have been potty training for months.. 
and we are still potty training.. 
and you have one more hour till you need that bottle
so why are you screaming...
and I'm tripping on toys on my way to make the bottle... 
and you are running on the couch in your shoes.. 
because we were supposed to go on a walk now.. 
but we just need a few more minutes.. 
and I just changed
but my shirt got all wet..
it's just a walk.. 
it will dry on the walk..

and finally we are out of the house.. 
and the walls are gone.. 
and we are moving forward in one direction.. 
instead of spinning in circles.. 
or running on couches...
and the air is so fresh.. 
and we can start over.. 

Even mom's have cases' of the Monday's... 
on more days than just Mondays...
good luck out there... 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

WeekNight Dinners..... Vegetarian Style

So every weekend I make my list.. 
I start on Fridays and finish on Saturday.. 
I plan a whole week in meals.. 
allowing for at least a night of take out.. 

Lately I have been trying to incorporate more 
vegetarian meals into our weekly meals.. 
and this one from Real Simple
has become a favorite.. 
we make it every few weeks.. 
(without the raisins though.. yuck!)

Plus it's not too hard or takes too long.. 
especially if you use quick cooking brown rice.. 
or even the frozen stuff from Trader Joes.. 
which is actually quite good.

Chickpeas with Chard and Pan-Roasted Tomatoes
(Picture by Romulo Yanes from Real Simple)

What are your favorite weeknight meals?