Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When I found that I was having another boy.. 
I wasn't sure how I was feeling.. 
was I disappointed at not having a girl.. 
no pink dresses for me.. 
more mud and dirt and bugs.. 
but maybe I kinda like that... 

but I do know now that I am not disappointed.. 
far from it.. 
for I have entered a magical world of the brotherhood.. 
it is emerging slowly.. 
with jealous inclinations.. 
establishments of what is "mine"

but we are reaching moments... 
moments of absolute bliss
where two brothers lay side by side in a bed.. 
and look into each other's eyes with something I had never seen before.. 

we have entered into brotherhood.. 
I look forward to these growing moments.. 
even the growing pains 
that are to come.. 
 for now.. 
we are a house where brothers are made.


  1. There is nothing like that brother-bond. My oldest two are 11 and almost 10 and are true best friends, through and through. It's awesome.


  2. Oh I love to hear that! At first when I was pregnant with my second I would go out and see siblings fighting so much, but then I saw these two brothers being so sweet to each other. And It was just an amazing moment!