Friday, March 2, 2012

Dancing in the hail...

This week was full of many things...
wonder, magic, slight insanity..
but best of all.. 
it was filled with magic moments.

On our way to M-'s nap...
we heard it start to rain... 
when all of a sudden the soft lull of the rain
turning into the loud crashing of hail...
I wondered...
has he ever ever seen hail.. 
so we stopped everything... 
and ran to the door... 
I opened it so M- could see what was happening.. 
and then he bolted.. 
ran right out and started dancing in the hail..
the little pellets of ice hitting his skin..
and he just laughed and laughed..
I will remember this forever.. 
laughing in the hail...
without shoes.. 
in shorts.. 

it was something fairytales 
are made of.. 
but it is our story.. 
and it is a great one.

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