Monday, March 5, 2012


It's a whirlwind of chaos... 
The walls of the house are closing in on us.. 
and it's making us crazy...
angry voices at each other.. 
how did the house get so small so fast.. 
why are there toys everywhere... 

In my anger and frustration.. 
I always think.. 
if this was it .. 
this moment was the end.. 
would I regret how I was acting... 
the words I was saying.. 
usually, if I think this the answer is 'yes'... 
Isn't it okay to be angry for a moment.. 
and frustrated for a second..
I always feel so guilty.. 

but really.. 
we have been potty training for months.. 
and we are still potty training.. 
and you have one more hour till you need that bottle
so why are you screaming...
and I'm tripping on toys on my way to make the bottle... 
and you are running on the couch in your shoes.. 
because we were supposed to go on a walk now.. 
but we just need a few more minutes.. 
and I just changed
but my shirt got all wet..
it's just a walk.. 
it will dry on the walk..

and finally we are out of the house.. 
and the walls are gone.. 
and we are moving forward in one direction.. 
instead of spinning in circles.. 
or running on couches...
and the air is so fresh.. 
and we can start over.. 

Even mom's have cases' of the Monday's... 
on more days than just Mondays...
good luck out there... 

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