Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Book in Review: The Paris Wife

Still riding the high of how good Midnight in Paris was
(which I did come late to..
who gets to go to the movies anymore..
oh maybe people without infants =) )

 I read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain.. 
It took me a while to get it.. 
as I was number 45 on the waiting list at the library.. 
product image
It was really enjoyable.. 
I love a book that I can becoming easily 
sucked in to.. 
and quickly too... 

I love to become a little too involved in the books I am reading.. 
taking the pain of this scorned wife a little too seriously... 

In fact after reading this I feel inspired to go search
out Hemingway's work.. 
which I have read a bit here and there, 
but not for a long time.. 
maybe match up some of the stories 
with his life events.. 
even though this book is fiction.. 
the basis is in real events.. 

This 1920s Paris has a bit of a hold on me
as of late.. 
and I think I might go read 
Zelda by Nancy Milford
(Zelda Fitzgerald)
Especially because I have it hanging around 
on my bookshelf.

What are you reading?
I love a new book.

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